How I'm Laying in 2018

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Laying in bed with a heating pad on my thrown-out back, next to a tiny toddler struggling to breathe, is not exactly the New Year’s Day I had planned.

It’s funny how life changes. It wasn’t too long ago New Year’s Eve was all cocktail dresses and champagne.



We actually had a babysitter lined up last night AND today so we could enjoy the college playoffs (Go Dawgs!). But, of course, our littlest, at 21 months, caught RSV and is the sickest she has ever been in her short life.

So last night was books and Paw Patrol until 5 a.m., when after sitting in steamed bathrooms, sucking snot and flushing lots of saline, she was finally able to breathe just enough to sleep. And then, of course, Murphy's Law kicked in, and I threw my back out trying to pick her up off the floor, post-tantrum this morning...sigh. So, here we are watching Netflix Kids, both laid up. 

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Funny thing, instead of being disappointed, I find myself content. I honestly think THIS in all it’s irony is the perfect way to start 2018, caring for and just being with the little girl who changed my world.

2017 saw MANY changes, including me leaving an executive job in the corporate world after 15+ years to become a stay-at-home mom. Something that if you had told me I would be five years ago would have made me laugh.

Yet, I am exactly where I should be, although, I never thought I would be. Isn’t this what the new year is all about though – reflections on the past year and excitement of new beginnings?

So yeah, this wasn’t the way I planned to start 2018, but watching the games (Netflix Kids went off at 5 p.m. - Go Dawgs!) in bed, with a heating pad and my favorite girl snuggled up next to me, while the hubby cooks a rib roast (yum!) and the babysitter takes our 3-year-old to burn off some energy…is just about perfect to me.

Cheers to the New Year y’all!!! Oh and pssst GO DAWGS!!!

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